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Subwoofer Cables

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SubLink-RCA Mono Sub-Woofer Cable
SubLink-RCA Mono Sub-Woofer Cable For connection between receiver and active sub-woofer (mono). Low capacitance and high interference immunity make longer cable runs possible, which most often is the case for sub-woofer connection....
From €56.05 * €59.00 *
SUPRA Cables Y-Link Mono/Stereo Subwoofercable
SUPRA Cables Y-Link Mono/Stereo Subwoofercable Manufactured with SUPRA PPX RCA plugs . Y-Link is a signal cable of one on two RCA plugs: Example of use: From the mono exit of the amplifier to the active Stereo Subwoofer. Biline A...
From €63.65 * €67.00 *
SUPRA Cables SubLink RCA Cable
Supra SubLink Mono Subwoofer/ Analog Hi-Fi A two-core screened interconnect for semi-balanced connection. Low capacitance and efficient noise rejection maintain signal integrity in the long run interconnects, which are often required for...
€7.10 *