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ClearAudio da Vinci V2 MC-Cartridge
The ClearAudio da Vinci V2 MC system features an aluminium body with a hard, 30 micron, ceramic coating and a unique construction. The patented inner workings of the ClearAudio da Vinci V2, with its eight magnets of maximum field line...
€5,900.00 *
ClearAudio Essence MC Cartridge
The name MC Essence is program for this top model. An intensified focus was put on the selection of all components. Boron needle carrier, micro-line needle grinding as well as the generator with its fine coils and the specially patented...
From €950.00 *
ClearAudio Concept MC Cartridge
ClearAudio Concept MC cartridge offers highest moving coil technology with ascetic design, a powerful representative for price-conscious high-end friends. The body of the ClearAudio MC cartridge is made of an aluminium-magnesium alloy...
From €690.00 *
ClearAudio Charisma V2 MM Cartridge
The ClearAudio Charisma V2 MM cartridge scales new heights in the V2 outfit of moving magnet cartridges. A highly dynamic and high-resolution top model. The MM-series from Concept V2 to Maestro V2 already enjoys great popularity. With...
From €1,255.00 *
ClearAudio Maestro V2 MM-Cartridge
With the ClearAudio Maestro V2 MM cartridge, the analogue specialist from Middle Franconia not only offers us an Ebony system body. The phenomenal sampling behaviour and enormous sound speak for themselves and make the Maestro V2 moving...
From €795.00 *
ClearAudio Jubilee MM Cartridge
The ClearAudio Jubilee MM cartridge is equipped with an armoured wood as the basic body, which was originally used in the First World War. For the first time, the engineers at ClearAudio have succeeded in processing this material so...
From €560.00 *
ClearAudio Virtuoso V2 MM Cartridge
The ClearAudio Virtuoso V2 MM is an outstanding sounding moving magnet cartridge with an optimal coupling and resonance dissipation. A real alternative in this price range of MM cartridges from the German analogue specialist ClearAudio....
From €630.00 *
ClearAudio Performer V2 MM
The ClearAudio Performer V2 MM cartridge consists of a hand-polished ebony cabinet and offers a lively sound at a very high level. The first-class moving magnet system has a built-in resonance damping metal plate. Due to the use of...
From €265.00 *
ClearAudio Concept V2 Cartridge
The ClearAudio Concept V2 MM cartridge is an entry-level moving magnet cartridge with a low-resonance aluminium housing. Needle carrier: aluminium coated. Weight: 8.6 g Output voltage: 3.3 mV Please note: In order to be able to exchange...
From €190.00 *
ClearAudio Artist V2 MM Cartridge
The ClearAudio Artist V2 MM cartridge convinces with outstanding manufacturing quality and fabulous dynamics, an excellent moving magnet system. The cabinet is made of a hand-polished ebony and is equipped with a resonance-damping metal...
From €440.00 *