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Transrotor MM Uccello Cartridge
Transrotor MM Uccello The Transrotor Uccello cartridge was modified by Räke with a Super Fine Line special diamond and provides a fantastic sound without any treble boost. A truly excellent MM system.
€289.00 * €345.00 *
Transrotor Uccello Reference Cartridge
Transrotor Uccello Reference Cartridge This extraordinary system has been designed based on the Goldring G1000 MM Series . The special cut of the diamond and extreme selection for an especially spatial, three dimensional sound without...
€525.00 * €575.00 *
Transrotor MC Merlo Cartridge
Transrotor MC Merlo Cartridge Thanks to the refined harmonic diamond cut, this MC system is a magical space and a relaxed detail resolution. Compared with the "little brother" Cantare solves this scanner also significantly improving ways...
€874.00 * €920.00 *