gtag('event', 'view_item_list', { "items": [ { "item_id": "603475", "item_name": "Van den hul plug Berri Bus 8,3mm", "item_brand": "van den Hul", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 1, "price": 47.80 } ,{ "item_id": "200313", "item_name": "PHX RCA plug 6.4 mm", "item_brand": "PHX", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 2, "price": 15.90 } ,{ "item_id": "545847", "item_name": "Dynavox Solder Wire for Hifi applications, lead free", "item_brand": "Dynavox", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 3, "price": 9.90 } ,{ "item_id": "545509", "item_name": "Dynavox TPR-2 Phono Preamplifier - Sound Converter", "item_brand": "Dynavox", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 4, "price": 159.00 } ,{ "item_id": "210579", "item_name": "Cardas XLR Einbaubuchsen", "item_brand": "Cardas", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 5, "price": 71.25 } ,{ "item_id": "200006", "item_name": "Bananas 3,9 mm Gilded", "item_brand": "PHX", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 6, "price": 8.90 } ,{ "item_id": "661987", "item_name": "Kimber Shrinks Gray Large", "item_brand": "Kimber", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 7, "price": 2.15 } ,{ "item_id": "651853", "item_name": "Kimber Shrinks Blue/White Large", "item_brand": "Kimber", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 8, "price": 2.15 } ,{ "item_id": "200527", "item_name": "Hollow Banana Beryllium Gold plated", "item_brand": "PHX", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 9, "price": 2.95 } ,{ "item_id": "200319", "item_name": "RCA Cinch plug 4-6-7-8 mm", "item_brand": "PHX", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 10, "price": 12.80 } ,{ "item_id": "210450", "item_name": "Cardas CTFA RCA socket gold", "item_brand": "Cardas", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 11, "price": 15.00 } ,{ "item_id": "389788", "item_name": "Supra Cables Boxcon", "item_brand": "Supra", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Hifi Accessories", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 12, "price": 47.50 } ] });

Hifi Accessories

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Van den hul plug Berri Bus 8,3mm
The van den Hul Berri Bus connector has an improved van den Hul connection system with high quality ground contact and a modular connection for welding. Price for 1 pair Technical data Cable entry diameter 10 mm Overall length 75 mm
€47.80 *
PHX RCA plug 6.4 mm
PHX RCA plug 6.4 mm with shiny chrome housing, squeezable,color coding by grippy rubber rings, Teflon and gold plated. Price for 2 pieces Cable entrance diameter: 6.4 mm Overall length without strain relief: 42.0 mm Outside diameter:...
€15.90 *
Dynavox Solder Wire for Hifi applications, lead free
Whether simple solder joints, connections for cable assemblies, etc., the silver Dynavox improved with its properties compared to conventional solder ultimately the sound of the edited components. Easy application by a high flux content...
€9.90 *
Dynavox TPR-2 Phono Preamplifier - Sound Converter
The Dynavox TPR-2 Phono Preamplifier - Sound Converter is a multi-function device. It is a phono preamp, where both MM and MC cartridges can also be used in, for others it is a sound converter that can conjure tube sound with your...
From €159.00 *
Cardas XLR Einbaubuchsen
Diese einzigartigen Cardas XLR Einbaubuchsen haben Kontaktflächen aus Rhodium. Rein, nicht magnetisch, eutektisches Billet Messing, Gold und Rhodium über Silber Plattierungen. Diese Anschlüsse haben eine perfekte End-Abschirmtechnik und...
€71.25 * €75.00 *
Bananas 3,9 mm Gilded
Bananas 3,9 mm Gilded Banana to soldering or Chrimpen, gilds, with coloured rubber sleeves. Cable entrance diameter: 3.9 mm Overall length: 32,2 mm 2 Pieces Outside diameter: 7,5 mm
€8.90 *
Kimber Shrinks Gray Large
Kimber Shrinks Gray Large Version: Large (for Kimber 8PR - 8VS - 8TC ) 10 mm. For the perfect manufacturing of your Kimber Kable.
€2.15 *
Kimber Shrinks Blue/White Large
Kimber Shrinks Blue Large Version: Large (for Kimber 8PR - 8VS - 8TC ) 10 mm. For the perfect manufacturing of your Kimber Kable.
€2.15 *
Hollow Banana Beryllium Gold plated
This hollow banana beryllium gold plated consists of hight quality beryllium copper and has a large contac t area. Can also be used a s a clutch. Standardized banana size of 4 mm. For cables from 1.5 mm² up to 6 mm ² Hollow bananas are...
From €2.95 *
RCA Cinch plug 4-6-7-8 mm
RCA cinch plug, housing made out of black light metal, squeezable, solderable, bending protected, notched connection for good soldering contact, Teflon, coloured identification for right and left, gold plated The cinch plug is available...
From €12.80 *
Cardas CTFA RCA socket gold
Cardas GRFA RCA socket gold Plated several times. Teflon insulated. Antimagnetic. Thread diameter: 7,9 mm. Outside diameter: 12,0 mm. Overall length: 29,0 mm. Installation depth: 14,0 mm. Thread Length: 7,0 mm
€15.00 *
Supra Cables Boxcon
Supra BoxCon - Chassis connector, 1 pair Supra Boxcon 24 K gold-plated built-in socket is suitable for loudspeaker cabinets and amplifiers. Cable cross-section of up to 10 mm² possible. Banana plug or cable lug suitable. Housing with...
€47.50 * €50.00 *
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