gtag('event', 'view_item_list', { "items": [ { "item_id": "888888", "item_name": "Soft Vinyl tray cover", "item_brand": "Soft Vinyl", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 1, "price": 99.00 } ,{ "item_id": "782189", "item_name": "Thorens dust cover cork thin", "item_brand": "Thorens", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 2, "price": 39.00 } ,{ "item_id": "782190", "item_name": "Thorens covers cork and rubber tray", "item_brand": "Thorens", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 3, "price": 49.00 } ,{ "item_id": "800172", "item_name": "Pro-Ject Leather Mat", "item_brand": "Pro-Ject", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 4, "price": 49.00 } ,{ "item_id": "800166", "item_name": "Pro-Ject Felt Mat", "item_brand": "Pro-Ject", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 5, "price": 19.90 } ,{ "item_id": "310067", "item_name": "Rega turntable mat", "item_brand": "Rega", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 6, "price": 39.00 } ,{ "item_id": "800157", "item_name": "Pro-Ject Cork Turntable Mat", "item_brand": "Pro-Ject", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 7, "price": 25.00 } ,{ "item_id": "800165", "item_name": "Pro-Ject Disk Plate - Acryl", "item_brand": "Pro-Ject", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 8, "price": 129.00 } ,{ "item_id": "562734", "item_name": "Millenium Carbon LP Mat with M-LP Puck 4010", "item_brand": "Millennium", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 9, "price": 146.50 } ,{ "item_id": "200145", "item_name": "Rubber tray for turntable", "item_brand": "PHX", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 10, "price": 29.90 } ,{ "item_id": "422541", "item_name": "turntable mat in leather", "item_brand": "PHX", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 11, "price": 34.39 } ,{ "item_id": "298393", "item_name": "Analogis Mat Three Turntable mat", "item_brand": "Analogis", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Platter", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 12, "price": 22.90 } ] });


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Soft Vinyl tray cover
The SOFT Vinyl is a flat tray cover and allows protection against flocks, it is a special round disc Plexiglas high quality newly developed with a soft and velvety coating. By placing your vinyl record on the tray, it's like a soft, soft...
€99.00 *
Thorens dust cover cork thin
The Thorens dust cover is made of thin cork granules, is antistatic and remove the resonance of the platter. The surface removal of the central portion provides a better reading of the recorded section of the disc. Confection: thin cork
€39.00 *
Thorens covers cork and rubber tray
The Thorens flat top cover is made of fine cork and rubber and is specially designed for metal or glass trays that tend to resonate. This is one of the best selections of cork on the market for decades. The surface removal of the central...
€49.00 *
Pro-Ject Leather Mat
Plate coating from fine leather, grey or black Diameter:295mm -for all models except Debut and Juke Box Price for 1 piece
€49.00 *
Pro-Ject Felt Mat
Pro-Ject Felt Mat / Plate coating from natural felt, Available colors ; light grey, dark blue, light green, yellow, claret red and black. Diameter: 270mm - only for Juke Box and Debut-Models Diameter: 295mm - for all other models of...
€19.90 *
Rega turntable mat
This Rega turntable mat is a high - density felt mat, which is further available in the colors black, red, yellow, blue, purple, white and green. Suitable for the Rega Plana r turntables 2-3- 5, RP1, RP3, RP6 and R P 8. Not suitable for...
€39.00 *
Pro-Ject Cork Turntable Mat
Pro-Ject Cork Turntable Mat / Turntable mat made out of natural cork, it can effectively reduce unwanted resonances between the disc and the tray. Not suitable for Pro-Ject Juke Box and Debut models Characteristics: Diameter 295 mm...
€25.00 *
Pro-Ject Disk Plate - Acryl
Pro Ject Acryl disk plate / Suitable for the Pro-Ject record player models 1.9, 1.2, Xpression and Debut. Manufactured from glossy finished acryl contrary to the original plate non-magnetical. Original product of Pro-Ject, ingenious...
€129.00 *
Millenium Carbon LP Mat with M-LP Puck 4010
Millenium Carbon LP Mat with M-LP Puck 4010 / After 8 years of distributing, this Millenium leading product, the carbon LP mat, is more successful than before. Now the new mat is available, showing a velvet surface on one side. This is...
€146.50 * €154.00 *
Rubber tray for turntable
Rubber tray for turntables / Fits on almost all turntables. Diameter: 298mm Thickness: 3,5mm
€29.90 *
turntable mat in leather
turntable mat is made out of high quality leather and has very high absorption characteristics. Description Thickness:2,0 mm Diameter:295 mm Weight:90 Gramm Color:black & red supply without turntable
€34.39 *
Analogis Mat Three Turntable mat
The Analogis Mat Three turntable mat consists of clear plastic and provides an intimate contact between turntable and disc. Description Thickness: 2,0 mm Diameter: 297 mm Weight: 135 Gramm Color: clear Supply without turntable
€22.90 *
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