gtag('event', 'view_item_list', { "items": [ { "item_id": "920175", "item_name": "ClearAudio Outer Limit", "item_brand": "Clearaudio", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 1, "price": 1250.00 } ,{ "item_id": "920164", "item_name": "Clearaudio Twister ", "item_brand": "Clearaudio", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 2, "price": 145.00 } ,{ "item_id": "850219", "item_name": "Ortofon Plattenpuk", "item_brand": "Ortofon", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 3, "price": 75.00 } ,{ "item_id": "589100", "item_name": "Accoustic solid adapter 45t", "item_brand": "Acoustic-Solid", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 4, "price": 39.00 } ,{ "item_id": "589101", "item_name": "Accoustic Sild Puck presser", "item_brand": "Acoustic-Solid", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 5, "price": 67.00 } ,{ "item_id": "200168", "item_name": "Pressure Puck PHX", "item_brand": "PHX", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 6, "price": 48.00 } ,{ "item_id": "782029", "item_name": "Thorens Stabilizer", "item_brand": "Thorens", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 7, "price": 149.00 } ,{ "item_id": "103645", "item_name": "Analogis Singlepuck Center it", "item_brand": "Analogis", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 8, "price": 12.95 } ,{ "item_id": "920064", "item_name": "Clearaudio Clever Clamp", "item_brand": "Clearaudio", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 9, "price": 32.00 } ,{ "item_id": "800121", "item_name": "Pro-Ject Single Record Adaptor", "item_brand": "Pro-Ject", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 10, "price": 19.00 } ,{ "item_id": "468807", "item_name": "Transrotor Record Clamp - Aluminium", "item_brand": "Transrotor", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 11, "price": 113.50 } ,{ "item_id": "468818", "item_name": "Transrotor Disc Lock", "item_brand": "Transrotor", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record clamps & Stabilizers", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 12, "price": 85.50 } ] });

Record clamps & Stabilizers

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ClearAudio Outer Limit
The CNC-manufactured ClearAudio Outer Limit including the Locator serves to stabilise the record externally and to improve the sound. Weighing 1.5 kg, the LP stabiliser ring improves the contact force and significantly optimises the...
€1,250.00 *
Clearaudio Twister
The Clearaudio Twister is an ergonomic pucker to improve the listening of your vinyls. This screw-on puck will reduce unwanted resonances during playback. It is very easy to install and is particularly intended for Clearaudio turntables...
€145.00 *
Ortofon Plattenpuk
The Ortofon Plattenpuk presser pad has a built-in precision bubble level for precise calibration of your turntable. With a weight of 305 grams, this pucker provides a reading of your records without vibration. Beautiful design and...
€75.00 *
Accoustic solid adapter 45t
With the Acoustic Solid single adapter, all your 45 turns will be readable. Its useful creative construction allows a comfortable removal of the turntable . Material: block Weight: about 90 gr Dimensions: D 50 mm / H 30 mm Features: Hole...
€39.00 *
Accoustic Sild Puck presser
By using the Acoustic Solid presser puck, the natural vibrations of the recording, which are transmitted by airborne noise, are attenuated by increased coupling to the turntable or even eliminated, and the weak waves are minimized....
From €67.00 *
Pressure Puck PHX
The massive weight of the PHX pucker is 452g in polished chrome metal, the support surface is covered with felt. It adapts to all turntables using a belt drive. Height: 23.4 mm Diameter: 70 mm Weight: 452 gr
€48.00 * €54.00 *
Thorens Stabilizer
The Thorens Stabilizer is working with all Thorens and many other turntables. The Stabilizer features a precision balanced and resonance dampened set of polished weights which not only hold the record firmer to the platter, but also help...
€149.00 *
Analogis Singlepuck Center it
Analogis Singlepuck Center it, adapter for single (45 / t). This adapter for 45 / t allows you to listen to your 45 / t discs on any turntable equipped with a rotation speed of 45 / t. Weight: 21 g Diameter: 38 mm Height: 8mm
€12.95 *
Clearaudio Clever Clamp
The Clearaudio Clever Clamp is simply locked to the disc and the center chuck and provides the necessary contact pressure, this Clever Clam, helps to block the disc (anti-lift). A Clearaudio licence. Weight: 20 grams Diameter: 82 mm...
€32.00 *
Pro-Ject Single Record Adaptor
Pro-Ject Single Record Adaptor
€19.00 *
Transrotor Record Clamp - Aluminium
Transrotor Record Clamp - Aluminium Noble, heavy and good Graceful designed Record clamp from Transrotor. Weight: 450 g
€113.50 *
Transrotor Disc Lock
The Transrotor Disc Lock allow to perfectly blocks the disc on the board thanks to its conical jaws exerting a high contact pressure and thus leads to an improvement of the sound. Simple but effective. Dimension: Diameter: 88 mm Height:...
€85.50 * €90.00 *
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