gtag('event', 'view_item_list', { "items": [ { "item_id": "820566", "item_name": "Pro-Ject VC-S Brush replacement cleaning brush", "item_brand": "Pro-Ject", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 1, "price": 29.90 } ,{ "item_id": "820559", "item_name": "Pro-Ject Wash it ", "item_brand": "Pro-Ject", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 2, "price": 16.99 } ,{ "item_id": "820557", "item_name": "Pro-Ject SpinClean", "item_brand": "Pro-Ject", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 3, "price": 99.00 } ,{ "item_id": "882561", "item_name": "Disco Antistat Generation II replacement set", "item_brand": "Knosti", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 4, "price": 33.90 } ,{ "item_id": "882592", "item_name": "concentrate Okki Nokki", "item_brand": "Okki Nokki", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 5, "price": 19.98 } ,{ "item_id": "882559", "item_name": "Knosti DiscoAntistat Generation II Plus", "item_brand": "Knosti", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 6, "price": 99.00 } ,{ "item_id": "298409", "item_name": "Analogis Cleaning Arm & Liquid", "item_brand": "Analogis", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 7, "price": 29.80 } ,{ "item_id": "882553", "item_name": "Knosti drying stand", "item_brand": "Knosti", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 8, "price": 24.90 } ,{ "item_id": "882551", "item_name": "Knosti Disco antistat case (with two brushes)", "item_brand": "Knosti", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 9, "price": 33.90 } ,{ "item_id": "882549", "item_name": "Knosti Disco antistat mixture ", "item_brand": "Knosti", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 10, "price": 38.90 } ,{ "item_id": "298410", "item_name": "Replacement Brush for Analogis Cleaning Arm", "item_brand": "Analogis", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 11, "price": 10.95 } ,{ "item_id": "920158", "item_name": "Clearaudio Pure Groove Disk Cleaning Liquid", "item_brand": "Clearaudio", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Record washing machines", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 12, "price": 20.00 } ] });

Record washing machines

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Pro-Ject VC-S Brush replacement cleaning brush
The Pro-Ject VC-S Brush replacement cleaning brush is for the thorough distribution of the vinyl cleaning fluid and loosens the dirt lying deep in the grooves. This allows the VC-S record washer with high suction power to remove the dirt...
€29.90 *
Pro-Ject Wash it
"Wash it" cleaning solution for the Pro-Ject Audio Systems VC-S Disk Washing Machine. The eco-friendly cleaning solution, which hardly deserves to be improved, is a special development without alcohol, which cleans effectively but can...
€16.99 *
Pro-Ject  SpinClean
The complete Pro-Ject Spin Clean disc cleaning system includes a disc wash tank, including 118 ml cleaning solution, brushes, rollers and wipes for drying. The application is simple and yet very effective: bi-distilled water is added to...
€99.00 *
Disco Antistat Generation II replacement set
The Disco Antistat Generation II spare parts pack contains 2 sealing cups, 2 sealing rings, 1 crank handle, 2 brushes, 2 screws, 2 axle supports
€33.90 *
concentrate Okki Nokki
Okki Nokki concentrate is mixed with 1 liter of demineralized water, which gives 1 liter of cleaning fluid. Important note: for handling this product : Do not drink. Keep out of the reach of children. Bottle of 50m
€19.98 *
Knosti DiscoAntistat Generation II Plus
The record disc washer Knosti DiscoAntistat Generation II Plus , has been further developed and refined in the handling Optimum compared to its predecessor. The wash unit with a convenient spindle, the crank and the new label sealing...
€99.00 *
Analogis Cleaning Arm & Liquid
The Superclean Analogis, is the solution for the daily cleaning of your discs simultaneously, during your listening sessions. There are some good reasons to use Superclean analogis. Cleaning during playback. No electrostatic charge on...
€29.80 *
Knosti drying stand
Knosti Disco antistat drying stand / Drying stand for our Disco Antistat record cleaning machine, art.
€24.90 *
Knosti Disco antistat case (with two brushes)
Knosti Disco-Antistat wash box (with two brushes). This Knosti case is a device with two small brushes to wash the discs. Drying rack (drip tray), extra
€33.90 *
Knosti Disco antistat mixture
Knosti Disco-Antistat Mixture Knosti Cleaner is a very effective and dry product that does not leave a film or deposit, makes antistatic discs, for a long time, and can be used several times. To use in the disc cleaner: Disco - Antistat...
€38.90 *
Replacement Brush for Analogis Cleaning Arm
Replacement brush for the Analogis arm, The head also fits on the old Lenco cleaning arm.
€10.95 *
Clearaudio Pure Groove Disk Cleaning Liquid
Clearaudio Pure Groove Disk Cleaning Liquid Highly effective and careful disk cleaning liquid of Clearaudio. Solves even persistent contamination up to the groove reason. Recommended for all clearaudio record cleaning machines....
From €20.00 *
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