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Audio Technica Turntable

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Audio Technica AT-LP3
The Audio Technica AT-LP3 is a contemporary fully automatic belt-driven turntable that offers a virtuoso analog sound. The universal cartridge holder and the switchable preamplifier make it possible to use different cartridge MM or MC....
€289.00 *
Audio Technica AT-LP 5x
The Audio Technica AT-LP 5x replaces the previous model AT-LP 5, which offers some improvements like the ability to read Schellac 78 rpm discs and is equipped with a cartridge AT-VM 95E / H already preinstalled on an AT-HS 6 cartridge...
€399.00 *
Audio Technica AT-LP60XUSB
The Audio Technica AT-LP60XUSB is the entry-level model of the LP60X series with high performance, designed for price-sensitive vinyl lovers. The fully automatic AT-LP60XUSB belt-driven turntable ensures authentic playback and converts...
€179.00 *
Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT
This Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT turntable is a cross between analog and digital for modern vinyl lovers. This stereo turntable is fully automatic with a belt drive, the AT-LP60XBT can be used with or without a cable, and is compatible...
€199.00 *