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Optical Cables

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SUPRA Cables ZAC MiniTos Toslinkcable
SUPRA Cables ZAC MiniTos Toslinkcable ZAC MiniTos The same concept but fitted with Mini Toslink at one end and a Toslink at the other. Often used between Mini discs and CD players. Available in 1m (3ft). ZAC Fibre Optic Interconnect ZAC...
From €56.05 * €59.00 *
SUPRA Cables ZAC Mini 1m
SUPRA Cables ZAC Mini 1 m Mini plug to mini plug The same fiber optic but fitted with Mini plug 3.5mm at both ends. Often used between MP3 player and computer/amplifier.
€56.05 * €59.00 *
SUPRA Cables ZAC Toslinkcable
SUPRA Cables ZAC Toslinkcable Supras most popular Toslink. ZAC Toslink is available in 1m (3ft), 2m (6ft), 4m (13ft), 8m (26ft), 15m (49 ft). ZAC Fibre Optic Interconnect ZAC stands for Zero Attenuation Concept. The innovative curving of...
From €56.05 * €59.00 *