gtag('event', 'view_item_list', { "items": [ { "item_id": "103674", "item_name": "Audio Technica AT 6181DL Strobe disc with lamp", "item_brand": "Audio Technica", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 1, "price": 103.90 } ,{ "item_id": "920455", "item_name": "Clearaudio Music-PickUp Test Record", "item_brand": "Clearaudio", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 2, "price": 40.00 } ,{ "item_id": "562732", "item_name": "Millenium M-Libelle bubble level", "item_brand": "Millennium", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 3, "price": 37.00 } ,{ "item_id": "800190", "item_name": "Pro-Ject Strobe-it Stroboscope Disc Plate for Turnables", "item_brand": "Pro-Ject", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 4, "price": 29.00 } ,{ "item_id": "920217", "item_name": "Clearaudio Stroboscope Testrecord Stobe Disc", "item_brand": "Clearaudio", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 5, "price": 58.00 } ,{ "item_id": "920198", "item_name": "Clearaudio Smart Stylus Gauge", "item_brand": "Clearaudio", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 6, "price": 32.00 } ,{ "item_id": "200198", "item_name": "Horizontal Spring tonearm scale", "item_brand": "PHX", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 7, "price": 38.90 } ,{ "item_id": "562725", "item_name": "Millenium Adjustment Acryl Block", "item_brand": "Millennium", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 8, "price": 30.00 } ,{ "item_id": "562731", "item_name": "Millenium Bubble level", "item_brand": "Millennium", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 9, "price": 27.00 } ,{ "item_id": "850092", "item_name": "Ortofon Bubble Level", "item_brand": "Ortofon", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 10, "price": 8.90 } ,{ "item_id": "850180", "item_name": "Ortofon SB2 - Lamp with stroboscopic disk", "item_brand": "Ortofon", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 11, "price": 268.00 } ,{ "item_id": "920089", "item_name": "Clearaudio IEC+ Audiophil Alignment Tool", "item_brand": "Clearaudio", "list_name": "Category", "item_category": "Phono Accessories", "item_category2": "Adjustment", "quantity": 1, "list_position": 12, "price": 300.00 } ] });


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Audio Technica AT 6181DL Strobe disc with lamp
This Audio Technica AT 6181DL stroboscope disc is complemented by a quartz strobe light for precise speed control at 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm. Strobe disc and quartz lamp in a set Special flash frequency for 78 rpm recordings Yellow...
€103.90 * €129.00 *
Clearaudio Music-PickUp Test Record
With the Clearaudio Music-PickUp Test Record, you can use a variety of music to optimize your entire hi-fi sound system and compare different components. Perfect recording quality without any sound manipulation, such as Equalizer, mixer...
€40.00 *
Millenium M-Libelle bubble level
Millennium M-Libelle bubble level Solid round stainless steel , 360 ° adjustment, it allows you to position with precision the horizontal level your turntable. Dimensions: Height 40mm Diameter 30 mm Weight: 253 g
€37.00 *
Pro-Ject Strobe-it Stroboscope Disc Plate for Turnables
Strobe-it has two functions. On Strobe-it is a tool for aligning the cartridge in the correct position for minimum distortion. Strobe-discs allows you to check the correct speed of your turntable. Please note, that with Pro-Ject Speed...
€29.00 *
Clearaudio Stroboscope Testrecord Stobe Disc
The Clearaudio Stroboscope test disc meets the highest demands for precise speed control of your turntable. An optimal sound experience can only be achieved with a precisely tuned engine speed. With Clearaudio's Strobe Disc, you now have...
€58.00 *
Clearaudio Smart Stylus Gauge
Clearaudio Stylus Force Gauge is a calibrator for metal cartridge, which allows to regulate and balance your cell. The easiest way to adjust the support force of your cartridge, easy to handle. Balance very simple and yet very precise.
€32.00 *
Horizontal Spring tonearm scale
Hor izontal Spring tonearm scale - With a scale 0-30 gr you can exactly set the tracking force.
€38.90 *
Millenium Adjustment Acryl Block
Perfect tool for the adjustment of your tone arm and pick-up. The edges and lines of the acryl block were built in a complex laser-cutting procedure. This is the best solution for arms with conical tubes as for example SME series V. Have...
€30.00 *
Millenium Bubble level
This Millennium Cross-shaped bubble Level is a perfect tool to adjust your turntable. The cross level can be placed directly on the board or on the disk. It is precise, stable and yet easy to manufacture, provides precise measurement...
€27.00 *
Ortofon Bubble Level
The Ortofon bubble level made out of tranparent plastic material enables a perfect horizontal adjustment of your turntable, CD-Player etc. Dimensions: Diameter: 29 mm Height: 10 mm
€8.90 *
Ortofon SB2 - Lamp with stroboscopic disk
The Ortofon SB-2 is a stroboscopic disk for measuring rotation on 3 speeds and on 50 and 60Hz, delivered with a control lamp. Characteristics : Stainless steel disk Ø x height: 100 x 0.8mm Speeds: 33.3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm. Tracks for...
€268.00 * €299.00 *
Clearaudio IEC+ Audiophil Alignment Tool
The alignment with only one point is more accurate and saves time. The cartridge alignment gauge can be used for tonearms for 7.9 inch (200mm) up to 15.7 inch (400mm) effective tonearm length. (1 inch = 25.4 mm)
€300.00 *
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