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Thorens TD 1601
The Thorens TD 1601 is the logical evolution of the TD 1600 with improved user-friendliness. A wood proven chassis, a two-piece tray with an inner belt and a thick rubber mat, as well as a meticulously controlled motor, a base plate for...
€3,299.00 *
Hochglanz schwarz
This Thorens TD 1600 turntable represents the successful evolution of the legendary TD 160 of the 70's. The improvements made to the suspension allow effectiv decoupling and prevention of lateral oscillations of simultaneous vibrations...
€2,798.00 *
Thorens Velvet Brush
The Thorens velvet brush provides a fine cleaning of vinyl records, and penetrates well into the grooves of the disc. Photo: Original coming soon
€15.00 *
Thorens Anti-Static Stylus Cleaner
The Thorens Anti-Static Stylus Cleaner is a diamond cleaning brush with a bottle of antistatic product very effectively cleans the diamond tip in depth using these two applicators. 15 ml bottle.
€17.95 *
Thorens spacers
Thorens spacers in different thicknesses from 1 to 3.0 mm * for the TP 11, TP 16 MK II, mainly interchangeable tonearm, allow you to adjust the height of your cartridge to obtain a perfect horizontal. 0,5 mm thickness is sold out and no...
€13.00 *
Thorens special M2 screw
Thorens special M2 screw to fix your cartridges on the Thorens TP 11 and TP 16 tonearm on the finger riser included. Price for 1 pair to select. Picture 2 shows the screws on the finger lifter that is not included in the screw set.
€15.00 *
Thorens MM-008 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier
Thorens MM-008 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier Phono Preamplifier / RIAA-Equalizer for MM and MC pickup cartridges. Features: High-quality metal housing with brushed aluminium front panel, external power supply unit (ensures trouble-free...
€269.10 * €299.00 *
Thorens MM 008 ADC
Thorens MM-008 ADC Phono Preamplifier New: MM and MC phono stage with integrated Analogue-to-Digital Converter (ADC).
€359.10 * €399.00 *
Thorens carbon brush
This Thorens carbon brush is ideal for the daily maintenance of your old or new vinyl discs and is also suitable for old 78/tm records.
€15.00 *
Thorens mechanical balance
The Thorens mechanical balance is very efficient. It has no influence on the adjustment measures thanks to the anti-magnetic material used. It allows you to correctly adjust the support force of your cartridges. Adjustment range: 1.0 to...
€19.00 *
Thorens dust cover cork thin
The Thorens dust cover is made of thin cork granules, is antistatic and remove the resonance of the platter. The surface removal of the central portion provides a better reading of the recorded section of the disc. Confection: thin cork
€39.00 *
Thorens covers cork and rubber tray
The Thorens flat top cover is made of fine cork and rubber and is specially designed for metal or glass trays that tend to resonate. This is one of the best selections of cork on the market for decades. The surface removal of the central...
€49.00 *
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